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Courage in Changing Times

One of the most important ingredients to future courage is to remember God’s help in achieving past victories.

Our day to day activities, not just our dreams and desires, do more to shape our future courage, faith and faithfulness than anything else. Engaging with mediocre endeavors and negative people weakens our future and sets us up to succumb to discouragement.

Moses built an altar and named it “Jehovan-Nissi, meaning “The Lord is my banner.” We use banners or billboards to promote an image, message or a promise. The image with Moses arms raised holding the “rod of God” inspired the army to victory.

This image or banner became a mental model or visualization of victory for Joshua. From that day forward, when Joshua needed to have courage, he would allow the Lord to raise a banner in his heart and mind. VICTORY! FAITH! FAITHFULNESS!

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