Holy Week = Resurrected Life Every Day - Firm Foundation Inspiration Minute for April 13

April 17, 2022 will be Easter Sunday, which I like to call Resurrection Sunday to place focus on Christ. There are “Easter Bunnies,” but there are no “Resurrection Bunnies.” I still don’t know where Easter bunnies came from!

As with our other major Christ focused holiday, Christmas, we want to celebrate the core reason of the season, indeed every season, Jesus Christ.

Part of the Easter Celebration includes what we call “Holy Week.” Tradition identifies each day of the week with special emphasis on Christ's path towards His sacrifice on the Cross. Friday represents Jesus crucifixion which we call “Good Friday.” Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesus' resurrection.

I would like to suggest that whatever you do this week, Holy Week, in celebration of Christ and whatever you've done over the the past 40 days if you celebrated the Roman Catholic religious practice of Lent, continue doing in spirit and attitude every day.

As people, we have the bad habit to jumping and jumping out of spiritual emphasis and focus. Sometimes religious practice reinforces jumping in and out because spiritual focus is temporary and people feel better or justified when “jumping back in.” The reality is this: “The just shall live by faith” (Romans 1:17), we don’t jump in and out by faith

If Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection means anything, it means being raised to a new life. If you are a Christ Follower, challenge yourself to life a resurrected life everyday!

God Bless and Be Encouraged!
Bryan Hudson, D.MIn
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