Living on Purpose, Intentional Living

We are living in the age of Facebook, Twitter, in what we call “virtual reality,” People create alter egos of their true selves, and build relationships based on a made-up online profile. It seems like people are living like go to the cinema to watch a 3D movie. People put on 3D glasses and experience a depiction of reality, a virtual reality, that ends when the movie ends and the glasses come off. Sometimes people have difficulty separating the virtual from the real. I heard a report once where someone in church requested prayer for one of the characters in a television soap opera. This sounds silly, but sometimes people confuse virtual with the real. Today, more than ever, those of us who follow Jesus have the opportunity to show our world something intentional, something authentic, something real Those of us who follow Jesus have the opportunity to show people a lifestyle that can be lived out in the real world, and that can be lived victoriously. In the virtual world of Facebook you have 600 friends. In the real world, you may only have 10 real friends, and you can only count on three of them! The word intentional is defined: Calculated, intended, planned, meant, studie, willful, purposeful, premeditated, preplanned, and designed.

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